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Rochester newspapers

There are several Rochester New York newspapers, and each has its own purpose. Thus, depending upon what one is looking for, one of the Rochester newspapers will probably have it. Whether you are seeking the latest local, regional, and national current events, local entertainment, business news, and cultural interests, there is a Rochester local newspaper for you.

An interesting fact about the history of Rochester newspapers is that one of the City’s first was an abolitionist publication founded by Frederick Douglass in 1847 called The North Star. However, the Democrat and Chronicle has been Rochester’s leading mainstream newspaper since it was found in 1833 as The Balance. Before finally being branded The Democrat and Chronicle the paper was also known as the Daily Democrat before it merged with another paper named the Chronicle in 1870. With this merger, the Democrat and Chronicle was born.

Today, the Rochester Business Journal, City Newspaper, Freetime are other popular publication. While the latter two papers are weekly entertainment and local culture publications, Rochester Business Journal is Rochester’s leading business publication. The RBJ is a weekly publication as well, but you actually have to pay for it.

While there aren’t a lot of Rochester New York newspapers from which to choose, for a city of 210,000 people, one mainstream, one business, and two entertainment publications offers just about everything you need to remained informed. If you’re still looking for more, a quick internet search will connect you will underground periodicals that might be right up your alley.