Rochester Newspapers A Brief Overview

Rochester ny newspapers

When the good citizens of Rochester New York think of newspapers, the first name that inevitably comes up is the Democrat and Chronicle. But while it is without a doubt the largest publication in town, it is far from the only one. Here is just a sampling of the wide range of Rochester NY newspapers available to the public.

1. City Newspaper. Styled as the “alternative newsweekly” for Rochester, the City Newspaper (often just called “The City”) is a progressive paper with a heavy arts focus and a proud liberal bias. It also boasts a massive classified section, serving to further connect people with each other.

2. The Empty Closet. The oldest LGBTQ newspaper in New York State, and published by the Gay Alliance of Genesee Valley. In 2011 they made digitizations of the previous forty years of publications available to the public.

3. The Jewish Ledger. The only weekly Jewish periodical in Rochester, “Each week since 1924.” The Ledger has served for almost 90 years as a forum for news and opinion for the large Jewish population in the Flower City.

4. Smugtown Beacon. One of the newer Rochester newspapers, claiming to shine the “light of truth” on the Rochester “illuminati”. Articles range from political motives to community racism, and actively seek debate and controversy.

Without a doubt, Rochester NY newspapers come in all shapes and sizes, with something for everyone and a voice for all. Whatever your passion, interest, or discourse style of choice, you can find a paper to fit your life. Never be left out of the discussion.