Hotels Rochester NY 

Hotel rochester ny

Are you planning a vacation? You might consider a trip to Rochester, NY. Rochester, NY, was chartered as a city in 1834, and was one of the country’s first boomtowns. Today, Greater Rochester is the third largest metropolitan area in New York state, with a population of just over 1 million in the greater Rochester metropolitan area. The city offers much to see and do and also is a great access point to the surrounding Finger Lakes Region.

Of course, one of the exciting aspects of any vacation is staying in a hotel, such as hotels Rochester NY. The oldest hotel in the world, the Hoshi Ryokan in Japan’s Ishikawa Prefecture, was founded in 718. And did you know that Towels, particularly pool towels (because they are harder to keep track of) are the number one item stolen from hotels?

If you are planning a Rochester vacation you will want to look into hotels rochester NY. There are numerous different hotels in rochester NY to choose from. For example, you might check out a high end hotel Rochester NY in the High Falls area or a more quaint bread and breakfasts in the surrounding Rochester area. If you are looking for Rochester ny hotels also keep in mind that Park Ave is a great place to see, with great galleries, shops, and restaurants. Overall, there are hotels Rochester NY to suit everyone’s budget.